“Smoke-Free Survivor”

A Social Impact Game

By Judah, Daniel, Leah, Ava

Middle School Students from Games 4 Change and Mouse

About this project:

The Game my group and I made was named Smoke Free Survivor! after our group’s topic, “Take the Challenge and Keep a Clean and Happy Earth!” on the platform of Scratch. The game is about Earth needing to be rid of pollution, but the game we made specifically is about Earth being set several years in the future and nobody ending up deciding to fix Earth’s pollution problems. Thus, the world became enveloped by the pollution because people ignored the problems pushing it off for too long, and the Earth became a pollution filled wasteland with people just trying to survive day after day. Furthermore, you, the player(the boy) are trekking through forests and caves to get to the thing that started it all to get your revenge, you must also play the game slowly taking your “sweet time” otherwise you WILL experience glitches. Additionally, the movement controls are the A and left arrow key to go left, the D and right arrow key to go right, the up arrow key to go up and the down arrow key to go down. While the W key and the space button is for jumping, and the Q and E are to use your scalpel and save a little girl. The link to our game is https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/359851082. Our game is about a boy on a journey to do something impossible, takedown pollution. You can not beat the boss since the pollution of the world is too far gone. Ultimately, the message the game is trying to send is that you need to try to help out in the real world in any way you can instead of trying to in a game.

The game my groupmates and I made will impact pollution on Earth by shining down light on the situation of pollution and raising awareness to help people know that pollution is a huge problem. Furthermore, our game will also impact people to make them stop polluting by explaining to them using scientific evidence that people can, and already have died from pollution. Moreover, The way this game will impact people is by causing people to stop polluting because of showing them that pollution is very harmful to both nature and society and that pollution is dangerous and vicious enough to kill people. Additionally, the reason I chose this topic is that I also feel that pollution is a huge problem because every day I always see garbage everywhere, which is a huge problem since it affects the air around us, and even causes global warming. What’s more, I chose this topic because pollution can affect people with severe asthma-like me, I want to raise more awareness so that fewer and fewer people die. In addition, Pollution in several countries in both 2015 and 2019 hundreds of thousands of people have died from pollution in the water and the air. Ultimately, pollution is contaminating the stuff we need to survive so even more people can and will die, therefore the destructive qualities of pollution should become more known by people around the world which is my reason for choosing this topic.

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We have included a slide presentation describing some of the process that we went through learning about game design and then brainstorming our game until finally creating it. Some of our art work in our game was designed in Piskel, an online graphic design software.

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