“Auditory Action”

A Social Impact Game

By Wolfgang, Shohru, Yucheng, John

Middle School Students from Games for Change and Mouse

About this project:

Our game is a revolution to the disabled gaming world. People with disabilities were unable to play video games, as they might not have the dexterity to play them. Our main focus was to make an audio game, a video game that solely uses sounds or songs. We made a game “Auditory Action” using the coding language Scratch. We hope that the game will help expand the world of blind gamers, as part of the gamers with disabilities act.

Upon starting the game, you are greeted by a welcoming voice which tells you how to play. You must pass five levels to finish the game. If you get the level right the first time, you earn a point, and progress to the next level. If you get the level wrong the first time, you do not earn a point, but you do get a second chance.

This project took our team 3 weeks to complete. The development of the game was not easy as we ran into some problems. Some of the problems include not playing the sound, not playing the correct sound, and sounds overlapping others. To fix our problems, we extensively used variables. Later, we improved our game, such as making sound selection more accessible. Another early flaw was that you had to use your mouse to play it. This, of course, cannot be done easily for someone who cannot see when you need to move your mouse.

We carefully chose each sound choice to fit the level’s theme. We wanted to make the player recognise the sounds for the first two levels by using real sounds like an instrument or an animal noise. The next two levels are cartoony sounds to amuse the player. The last level is unique as it is not differentiating sounds per se, but differentiating tone.

Henceforth, our game is designed to pave the way for blind gamers. It is a proof of concept, that blind people can play video games, and they get just as much enjoyment as someone with their sight intact. It will help to include those with such issues, and they will cherish their wonderful experiences in the video game community.

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We have included a Slide show that discusses our Brainstorming process for our game.

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