“Bumper Ball For All”

A Social Impact Game

By Nathaniel, Jordan, Roland, Kalek

Middle School Students from Games 4 Change & Mouse

About this project:

Playing with a ball is so popular worldwide that it can be considered a universal language. We all like to play with a ball regardless of age, social status, or medical condition. Hence, it is our pleasure to present the “Bumper Ball for All” game in Scratch. This game is very easy to play and, at the same time, it is engaging and challenging. It has been created to enroll people with limitations or disabilities. The game will help handicapped people to strengthen relevant life skills such as hand-eye coordination, timing, prediction, and patience. Just keep the ball bouncing as much as possible while enjoying the game and taking advantage of its benefits.

The Bumper Ball for All game is very easy to play. All you need to do is move the mouse left and right to walk the green pad and receive the ball before it touches the red area on the floor. As soon as the ball touches the green pad, it will bounce again and you need to observe and predict where to put the green pad to receive it and make it bounce again. This game does not required to move that many bottoms to play. It is not even necessary to click the mouse. Players just move it left and right to play and enjoy the game. Gamer’s goal is to make the ball bounce as much as possible and this is the most attractive part. Points will be given depending on how long they keep the ball bouncing. Just click the following link to have fun: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/370572786/

The Bumper Ball for All game helps disabled people to strengthen and keep active some skills that they need daily. The action of moving the pad to catch the ball requires hand-eye coordination. This coordination, for example, is required for good handwriting, tie shoelaces, or eating. Also, this game helps people develop the timing control and prediction. Gamers will need to figure out which way the ball will bounce to put the pad there faster than the ball. They have to anticipate the ball’s movement, its direction and speed to be able to catch it. It helps people keep active their ability to predict and control time which is necessary in many of their routines. Finally, the game is a fantastic tool to practice patience. If the ball touches the read area, the gamer has to start all over which helps them practice self-control. In fact, this game provides handicaps the chance to practice skills that are relevant for the success of other daily routines.

In conclusion, Bouncing Ball for All is a game that will attract disable’s attention around the world. The game is very easy to play and it reinforces relevant skills such as hand-eye coordination, time and prediction, and patience. Playing with a ball will keep handicaps busy, it will reinforce their skills and they will love bouncing the ball like in the old good times.

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We have included a slide show presentation that details the events we went through from planning until we finally completed our game.

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