“The Bond Between Humans and Animals”

A Social Impact Game

By Alessandra, Dara

Middle School Students from Games 4 Change & Mouse

About this project:

The Games for Change Challenge is influential towards students who have participated to create a game based on a real-world issue. The games that students created are inspired by a topic to impact others, the players. Us, Alessandra and Dara have created a game with the topic of “How the human-animal bond benefits people and pets”. We feel as if the topic is clearly expressed through our game and we are extremely proud of what we have accomplished in four months.

Our game named “The Bond Between Humans and Animals” is about how interacting with your pet can affect you and the pet in a positive way. Also, we created our game on the platform of Scratch. First, when you begin the game, the opening page allows you to choose to start, press help to know the instructions of the game or press about to learn about why we created the game. Secondly, the start page appears, you are at home with your pet and you have the options to feed your pet, give water to your pet, pet your pet, take it to the park, or give the pet a shower. If you do any of these activities, then it will increase your Stats (the Stats are the pet’s happiness, pet’s health, and the human’s happiness, human’s confidence, and human health). If you press to take your pet to the park, then a tennis ball will appear to play catch with the ball. But, if you press to go give a bath to the pet, then a water drop will appear to fill up the bathtub. In addition, we created a code for if the player feeds or gives water to the pet too much to increase their Stats, then it will stop/restart the game and inform the player that they have overfed the pet. There is also a code where the Stats will start to decrease if you do not take care of the pet. To conclude, we feel that this game will show how the bond is important and that some things can make you feel better if you interact with a pet.

Our topic “How the human-animal bond benefits people and pets” connects to our game because we express how taking care of your pet can make you feel more happiness, confidence to do different things, and increase your health as well as your pet’s. This shows that the bond between you and the pet can influence behavior in a good way. Additionally, we chose this topic because we have both interacted with a pet before, therefore we felt that we understood the topic more and would be able to create a game about this. We believe that this game will impact others to realize the bond and feel inspired to hopefully also create a game or raise awareness.

We, Alessandra and Dara feel that this game connects to our topic by showing how the bond helps you and the pet emotionally and physically. Our game allows you to take care of the pet and create a bond between yourself and the pet. The link is https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/357959799/ which leads you to our game of “The Bond Between Humans and Animals”. Overall, we hope that the people who play our game realize the importance of our topic and are influenced.

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We have included several images from our project to show how we illustrated how humans help animals and receive unconditional love in return from their pet. We included a slide presentation to explain how our topic relates to the research we did and hope you enjoy it.

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