“Timeless Beauty”

A Digital Zine

By Alyssa, Jalyn, Jeilyn, Tracy

High School Students from Global Kids

About this project:

Our project is the concept of a zine, called Timeless Beauty. In this initial prototype, we want to explore our relationship and own definitions of beauty and body image.

Throughout GK Girl Hack we talked about a lot of different topics around women’s rights and issues including representation in media and healthy relationships. When thinking of project ideas and topics, we realized body image and beauty is something that encompassed a lot of what we discussed. We are all students from the High School for Art and Design and thought a zine would allow us to not only use our art skills but allow us to each tell our own individual story while still working together. Body Image and beauty are extremely broad so to scope the project, we needed to focus on something smaller and more specific. To brainstorm and find inspiration, we watched videos from both Dove and Allure that focused on women and young girls talking about their own stories, struggles, and definitions. We also looked at an article that showcased 5 different illustrators who were asked to draw what body image meant to them. That’s when we decided that for the zine, or at least the first prototype, we wanted to focus on ourselves and our relationship with body image and let out stories be told.

What is great about a zine is that it can be as short or as long as you want it to be. Just using our art and our definitions create a personal zine for us. But if we continued to work on the zine, we could create a larger one, or a short series, where we explore body image and beauty in relationship to culture, social media, mental health, and so much more. Then not only would it be a personal zine, but one that would break down the negative influences around us and build up the women and young girls around the world. We want to normalize imperfections and celebrate everyone. We want women and young girls to know that they are not alone.

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More about this project:

The link to our project is a folder. In the folder, are all the images that are both in the slides and the art attached above. In the folder, you will also find a Brainstorming Doc, which is where we answered questions that go alongside and inspired each of our art pieces and sketches.

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