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A Device Prototype

By Daniel

High School Students from Cooper Union

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The Sanit-Safe is an enclosed disinfection equipment designed for killing microoganisms such as bacteria and viruses including coronavirus that may be delivered via mail and packages. The equipment is intended to reduce the potential transmission of coronavirus from contaminated mail or infected mail carriers to recipients of mail. Currently, there is no known available outdoor/indoor cabinet designed weather proof equipment that can disinfect and store mail and packages after disinfection using ultraviolet light. The equipment has the added benefit in that mail carriers can directly deposit mail or packages into the equipment handsfree without the recipient having to touch the mail until after disinfection. It provides a safety measure particularly for persons who are concerned that their underlying health conditions place them at serious risk for covid-19.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that there is still alot that is unknown about covid-19 and how it spreads. CDC also states that while the virus is unlikely to spread from domestic and international mail or packages, it can survive a short period on surfaces. Also, CDC adds that it may be possible that people can get covid-19 by touching an object that has virus on it and touching mouth, nose or eyes. The idea came about after hearing concerns of persons about risk of transmission from mail and CDCś indication of potential risk. Many persons are desirous of going an extra step to reduce any chances of infection by mail or packages. This equipment accomplishes this by providing an ultraviolet light alternative to using dangerous disinfection chemicals to spray or wipe mail and packages that can get on a person hands or be inhaled.

The Sanit-safe is an environmentally safe alternative. It uses proven technology and various applications that are seen with NYC MTA using ultraviolet lamps to sanitize trains and buses. The application of ultraviolet light has been around for a long time, and design for domestic and commercial use is beginning to become popular. The Sanit-safe is primarily designed for residential home use. However, it can also be used for commercial application such as for offices receiving mail and packages. The equipment is designed as a weather proof fully enclosed metal cabinet with AC/DC power sources to power the lamps and technology. It is designed into two compartments. The top compartment has an foot operated open slot large enough for standard mail and packages. When mail or package is placed into the top compartment the open slot will seal shut, and the equipment automatically operated to provide a dose of ultraviolet ( i.e. ranging from 5.4 though 27mJ/cm2 )for a set period to kill or inhibit pathogens. Status of disinfection will be indicated with LED lights.

After disinfection is completed, the base of the top compartment will open and release the mail of package into the lower compartment, where it can be retrieved. The lower compartment will allow for a certain volume of storage and a LED indicator light will indicate when available or filled. Safety features will be built in, such as preventing mail from being accessed when equipment is operating, or when doors are open. Even without covid-19, the equipment is expected to be useful for general sanitation and exposure to pathogens.

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The last slide is a proposed drawing of the design.

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