“Cigarette Pong”

A Social Impact Game

By Manan

High School Students from Games 4 Change

About this project:

I created the game called Cigarette Pong. It’s basically a 2 player pong game. The player controls a trash bin. There are also Earth's behind the players and they have to try and protect their Earth, while also hitting the opponent’s Earth. The ball is a cigarette and if it hits a player’s Earth, then the opposite player gets the point and the first player to 10 wins. I came up with the idea because I wanted to show how smoking and vaping are contributing to Earth's litter problem. Cigarettes are the most littered item and they aren’t biodegradable. My game tells people the drawbacks of cigarettes for not only how it affects people, but the world as well.

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More about this project:

In the photos, you can see my design process. I first drew out each stage of my game and then created the backgrounds. I then created the images and placed them where I wanted them to be in the game. The game link takes you to the game I made on scratch. The slides link takes you to my presentation.

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