“Animal Rescue Go! Deer Remix”

A Social Impact Game

By Jonathan “SkyLegend”, Joshua “RedLegend”, Katie “KatieCat14”, Patricia “PattieCat”, Kevin “KevCat”

High School Students from Mouse

About this project:

This game was created collaboratively by the GKHS STEMClub to address the issues of wild deer that populate Staten Island. Our vision was to create a mobile Augmented Reality version that would allow us to send geo-location data to an agency like the Wild Life Conservation Society as well as a count of the deer that players encounter in real life. There is also a version for the Wild Turkeys that are also all over Staten Island!

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The previously submitted project (GKHS Dropping Knowledge V1.4) was also created collaboratively by Jonathan “SkyLegend”, Joshua “RedLegend” , Katie “KatieCat14” , Patricia “PattieCat”, Kevin “KevCat”

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Project Name: Animal Rescue Go! Deer Remix

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