“Get the Club Started”

A Social Impact Game

By Damon, Aziz (Javohir), Mohammed, Joseph

Middle School Students from Games 4 Change and Mouse

About this project:

Game title: Get the club started. (Topic: get the party started)
Platform scratch (needs a keyboard)

Get the Party Started is an educational game about relating to the government.

At first, when you get into the game you’re going to pick Monarchy (kings and queens) or Democracy (leader and supporters). Once you pick your topic, you’re going to have to choose a club other than Art and Science. With the starting character, you have 1 coin per week (10 seconds). You're gonna have to save up to get better leaders and with the leaders, you make more money then you get with the starting character.

The game takes up to 300 seconds, so choose your time wisely. After the 300 seconds, you either win or lose.

We used pixel art to help us create the characters with its amazing tools we used. Our characters are not the best because none of us are artists but we tried our best. Damon did the coding and some art, Joseph did the drawing and the coding and me and Aziz did drawings and helped out on the coding and wrote summaries about the game.

This game may look a bit confusing, but all you have to do is select a government type, pick a club, and collect coins to buy leaders. Then at the end, there is a writing that tells you to send out your leader. You pick the leader by pressing the number under the
leader, using a keyboard.

This game is much related to the real world of political parties, in which people started them. This game is about starting a club which both politics and this game has to do with starting a group.

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We have included a slide presentation discussing our process of planning our game and designing our sprites.

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