“Inclusive Play for the Disabled”

A Social Impact Game

By Nicole, Angela

Middle School Students from Games 4 Change & Mouse

About this project:

The game “Game for Disability” is about the main character who has a friend named Oliver. Oliver was disabled and he really loved games, so he decided to create a special headset that whatever your thinking, the game character does it. He had to go to school and get the part but the janitors and the teachers took the part and hid it somewhere. There are secret places in the school that have questions. If you guess all of them correctly you can get the part, but if you dont you get teleport to the beginning of the questions. When the character has all the parts he must put it together and give it to Oliver to try, and since it's a story game, all you have to do is press the green flag and enjoy the show. We chose this topic because most of disabled people can't do things as much as normal people do, so building a special set for them so they can feel normal. This could affect society because new technology is made everyday so when we use those technology into good it can change the people around us.

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We create a slide show to show and highlight some of our designs we created for sprites and backdrops through graphic design. The link we provided is for our actual game.

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Project Name: Inclusive Play for the Disabled

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