“Cigarette Catcher”

A Social Impact Game

By Sebastian K, Sebastian D, Joshua, Tyler

Middle School Students from Games 4 Change & Mouse

About this project:

The name or title of my game is Cigarette Catcher. This can be found on sebastiand6955’s scratch’s account. I chose this this topic because I really want to have a clean and happier earth with less littering and smoking. For me I don't see a point of smoking and want to end it overall. The platform I used was scratch for this game. This game will make an impact on society because it might show people that it’s not good to smoke and maybe I can get more people to disapprove of smoking. Also if any smokers play the game themselves, they might even realize that it’s not good to smoke and they might stop. The instructions of how to play this game are to use the arrow keys to move a trash can and touch the falling cigarettes, that come down. After each 50 cigarettes caught until 150, the backdrop or world will change to a new level of trying to catch as many cigarettes as you can. If you reach 200 caught, you beat the game.

Our name of the game is cigarette catchers and it is about a person trying to pick up cigarettes. The setting is a city. And the cigarettes fall so you have to catch them. And each time you catch a cigarette you get a point. This will impact society by saying to people not to smoke and not to liter cigarettes on the ground.

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We created a slide presentation to showcase our ideas and how we planned and executed our game. We included direction on how to play and why we chose the topic.

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