“Cigarette Cleaners”

A Social Impact Game

By Ivan, Noah, Rayan, Sofia

Middle School Students from Games 4 Change & Mouse

About this project:

My team and I created a game called Cigarette Cleaners. It is a standard 3 lane running game in which you collect cigarettes off the street. My team chose this topic because we all realized that the world was dying mainly due to pollution and less concerns in littering even though there are laws against them. Furthermore, the most dangerous form of pollution comes in cigarettes because of their chemical air pollution and its abilities to start fire. This could really impact society because it allows people that never knew about this situation, to realize that the world needs cleaning and they can help contribute to it. Additionally, this could also help younger generations learn about how cigarettes contribute to destroying the Earth.

The way you play this game is by using the arrow keys on the keyboard. The up arrow let’s you jump, the down arrow let’s you duck, and the left and right arrows let you switch lanes. We chose these controls because we thought it would be simple and easy to understand. The platform used to make this game is called Scratch. We used this platform because its coding blocks are easy to understand yet it has advanced coding blocks that can make excellent games.

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We have uploaded some of our graphics that we designed for our game and have included a presentation that includes information on how to play the game.

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