“Election Busters”

A Social Impact Game

By Iosi, Aaron, Steven, Joseph

Middle School Students from Games 4 Change & Mouse

About this project:

The name of our game is election busters, and the topic was get the party started which was about political parties. It will have an impact for those playing the game because it shows the steps you will go through in an election, and you get to make your own decisions to impersonate your own campaign. I chose this topic because there was much talk about elections going around at the time and I wanted to research it and find out how it all works. For the game, you would have to answer yes or no to the questions until you get to the press conferences, where you preach your campaign and your viewpoints to better the country. The URL to see my game is https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/367088059/.

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We have included the Brainstorming presentation we presented in class to have our idea approved. We have also included some of the images that we created from graphic design software from various sources.

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