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By Khalil, Mateo, Dany, Derick, Olesya, Starasia, Artur, Muhammad, Ashlee, Mia, Ethan, Hailey

High School Students from Educational Video Center

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We are a diverse group of high school students from all over New York City who have come together to make a documentary film as a part of the Educational Video Center (EVC) community. We had begun pitching social issues to produce a documentary about when our in-person workshops were cancelled. We think that there is nothing more pressing and interesting than an issue that is affecting everyone around the world, so we decided to use documentary strategies to chronicle our experiences as youth through a blog. We are each very unique and have our own perspectives, but are focusing on showing the experiences of people on the front lines, including youth and low income, immigrant or black communities. The Quaranteens hope that the people who read this blog (watch this film) are able to see this very surreal experience through our eyes, and know that they’re not alone. We also think showcasing this work at Emoti-Con will help us gather submissions from other Quaranteens

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Here's a link to our blog. Young people can also read more about us and submit on the site.

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