“Earth Killer: A Game About Pollution”

A Social Impact Game

By Sofia, Ariana, Haoran (Eric), Dominic

Middle School Students from Games 4 Change & Mouse

About this project:

Game Name: Earth Killer
Topic: “Take The Challenge: A Clean And Happy Earth”

Game accessible link/ URL: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/373020317

The game we have been collaboratively working on is called Earth Killer. The title of this game has a very strong and deep meaning behind it, because it is related to the topic of pollution. We have chosen to work and help solve the topic of pollution because everyday each of us see how little by little our planet is slowly disappearing because of people polluting it! As many already know, pollution has become a very serious topic in our world today, since individuals are simply not disposing their waste into the right places. In many cases trash ends up in the oceans, forests, etc., which creates a hazardous environment for its habitants. The platform this game was created in is called Scratch, which created a great experience for our team when designing this game. As stated above, our game is based on the topic of pollution, which is an extremely serious topic in our society. We created our main obstacle as cigarette buts and nicotine since they are one of the biggest portion of the polluters. In order to win in our creation, you will need to collect 50 pieces of trash( cigarette buts and nicotine ), using the garbage bin. We have used several pieces of coding to create a very entertaining but at the same serious and informative game, for the player(s) to enjoy. We worked together to create this game to inform our society about the serious problem in our world and the possible solutions for it. To play this game you will need to follow these instructions:

Collect 50 pieces of trash to win!
A = Move left
D = Move right
E = Boost (every 5 seconds)
Space = Jump
We hope to inform our society about the serious problem that's been negatively affecting our world and to create a very enjoyable game.

Thank You!

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We included a slide show presentation about our planning. This is the 2nd and correct submission of this game. The first one was submitted with the wrong student name and the wrong slide show presentation. Thank you in advance for understanding.

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Project Name: Earth Killer: A Game About Pollution

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