“Dodge the Cigarettes/Recycle the Garbage”

A Social Impact Game

By Shin, Sosi (Sosena), Michael

Middle School Students from Games 4 Change & Mouse

About this project:

My game is a game that dodge one thing, and get the other. The directions of the game is dodge the cigarettes and get the recycle symbol. Use the right arrow to move right,and use the left arrow to move the earth left. You can move the earth to right and left by D and A arrows too. To start or restart, press the green flag. This is the web link that describes why I chose the topic:


It will have an impact on those playing it because it will tell that cigarettes are bad for the earth. The topic is to make a earth clean and the name of the game is “A Clean and Happy Earth/Dodge the Cigarettes and recycle the garbages”.

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We submitted a presentation with our game link.

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Project Name: Dodge the Cigarettes/Recycle the Garbage

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