“Pet Life”

A Social Impact Game

By Isaac, Benjamin, Carlos

Middle School Students from Games 4 Change, Mouse, CS4ALL

About this project:

Our game is called Pet Life. In it, a frog tries to get home to his owner after getting lost. This turn of events forces the frog to try and find the frog because the pet and the owner’s bond is strong enough.You use the arrow keys to move around and attempt to avoid the red spikes that stop you from finding your owner. Although some of the levels may seem hard and require you to try again many times all are possible just like no matter how hard it may seem to bond with a pet, with enough effort it is always possible.

To play our game click here. Our game shows how a pet will always try to get back to its owner if their bond is strong enough. It will impact people who play our game by making them realize the benefits of having a pet, and why it is a good idea. We chose this topic because we knew that it is great to have a pet and we wanted to show why. We chose our name, Pet Life, because we thought it was a creative name. Our topic was “the human animal bond.”

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More about this project:

We added some of the images we created in Scratch that are included on our slides to show the complexity of how the game goes from simple to more complex each level. The slide show we included depicts our game storming process all the way to our completion of the game. We have also included a link to our game.

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