“Dream Big, and Big Only”

A Social Impact Game

By Victor

High School Students from Computer Science for All (CS4All)

About this project:

The challenge issue that my project addresses is people with disabilities. In my game there is a deaf boy named Hero who has a dream of going pro in all sports. The user will use the arrow keys to lead Hero into the images related to sports but if the user guides him and hits the image of a man smoking this represents Hero giving up on his dreams and going down the wrong path in life and into depression. This game shows how anyone can chase their dream; they just need to chase them with all their hearts. I came up with the idea from the passion I have for sports. This idea started off with me being thankful for who I am and how fortunate I am to be able to experience and enjoy what I do and that's where the concept hit me. My project works with my concept because we have the main character “Hero” and he has a disability which is being deaf and he is still going through to pursue his dreams of becoming a pro in all sports.

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Project Name: Dream Big, and Big Only

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