“Living with the Enemy (Working Title)”

A Documentary Addressing COVID-19

By Ace, Chris, Cristian, Elgin, Jenai, Kashawn, Kia, Lee, Leen, Mikey, Nina, Rashad, Ricardo

High School Students from Educational Video Center

About this project:

Our film addresses the issue of government and media response to the covid-19 crisis and how it affects people’s mental health.

In EVC’s Youth Documentary Workshop, youth producers always choose a social issue of importance to them to focus their film on. The pandemic is the biggest social issue right now, and mental health is not taken seriously, and so we wanted to raise awareness about it.

We’ve interviewed an emergency pediatric doctor, several psychiatrists, a news media producer, and a local government official to get their opinions on the crisis. We also interviewed some of our family members and friends. Over the last three months we’ve been meeting online to have discussions about our experiences and to make this film. We are not totally done editing yet, but should be done by the end of May. So, we are submitting our rough cut, and hope to send you a final cut at the end of the month.

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The rough cut video (https://vimeo.com/422985966) is password protected:

Password: evcview

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Project Name: Living with the Enemy (Working Title)

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