“Streamline Online”

A Website Prototype

By James, Brandon, Marc, Jaelyn

High School Students from Innovation Institute @ NY Hall of Science

About this project:

We want to explore education by looking at online learning in order to effectively streamline learning techniques (i.e. technologies and relaying information to students)

With our program, we brainstormed as many problems and issues in our life as possible, grouped them (e.g., school, environment, economics), selected our favorite category, and then a specific issue to tackle. We then brainstormed possible solutions to our problem, eventually choosing an informational website as a tool to improve communication in schools. With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, we revised our project to focus more on online learning.

Our project is a website prototype made in Invision with images designed in Inkscape, which could eventually be made into a full-fledged HTML webpage either from scratch or built with a resource like Wix or Squarespace.

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More about this project:

The invision link should take you to an webpage prototype site. We used google sites to track the development of our project.

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