“Smoke Pong”

A Social Impact Game

By Lenin

High School Students from Mouse

About this project:

My project is an impact game, “Smoke Pong”, a pong game that addresses a prompt, A clean and happy Earth, where the issues is that cigarettes and e-cigarettes are contributing to Earths mounting toxic litter problem and the pollution of the oceans. I wanted to bring awareness to an issue so I did this with what I learned in school Photoshop and coding video games. The idea evolved to not just be a game but an impact game, informing and teaching players about the health and environmental issues related to smoking and littering. So in my game the player moves the paddle with their mouse, bouncing cigarettes and juuls away from the ocean. The player starts with 3 lives and needs a score of 20 to win the game..

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The link takes you to my scratch game page with instructions on how to play on the left as well as any additional information.

Second link is to my project fair slides if pdf doesn’t work.

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